I have so many photos that I have to put up. so they will be coming ASAP. I am currently working on them, but I also am working on 2 other projects, so it takes a little bit of time. sorry.


Oh, and just a quick word.

I am back

Hello, so this article is going to be very different to anything that I have ever posted on here before. I was really busy lately. I live in Luxembourg and I just “graduated” from french lycée. I did a bac L, which is the literature section, and I made it! I am ‘finally’ out of school. After so many years of struggling, so many tears but also so many laugh. Over the last three years I have met so many different types of people, and I have done so many different things. But today, I am in the position that nobody really likes being in. I am in my period of “okay, what’s next?”. Still waiting for an answer from uni. What if they don’t want me? Should I take a gap year, travel, live the adventure for a bit. Do I even have the courage to do all of these things? Travelling by myself, discovering new cultures, meeting new people.. It’s all very exiting but really scary too. Specially when like me, you are not the type of person that will go to people, being very shy, making new friends has always been a little bit of a struggle for me. But does that mean, I shouldn’t take the chance, does that mean I am not allowed to live my dreams? I don’t think so, I think that I can get over all of this.

Anyway, I also wanted to talk about exams. How difficult it is to stay confident, and believe in yourself. I have never been the best at school, never had straits A’s. I always had to fight my way through and to be honest I a proud of my achievements. But now all of this is behind me, and now I need to focus on whats happening now in the next few month. Leaving to London with some friends for a week, going to LA, SF and NYC with my family and then uni? gap year? What ever is waiting for me I am confident. And if you are in the same situation that I am in, you should be to. Don’t stop yourself to what you think you can achieve but also try harder, because even is you fail once, you’ll get out of it stronger and ready to be better.

I don’t really know where all this is going but i felt like having a little talk.

I am sorry if there is any misspelling or mistake in what i wrote, english isn’t really my first language.

PS: This song is the song that helped me go through all of my exams without going crazy, I used to listen to it before each exams and it helped me a lot to stay calm and focus. If there is one advice I could give you, that would be it. Have one song or a playlist that makes you feel confident, that you will listen to before each exams, to feel like home, like all of this is nothing. Because you are capable of doing it. And if ever you fail it is not the end of the world try again, or do something better. Their is so much things to discover in this world, so much things to see, don’t stop whenever it gets hard but fight harder. Because if I can do it, so can you.